Custom Development

iDesign Solutions can provide you with a number of custom web design and development services to suit the needs for your web project. We’ve never met a function we couldn’t code.

Whether your project is a business-card site, a complex e-commerce mega-store, or an up-and-coming social network, we have the experience to help make your website a success.

We have a great deal of experience working with the following languages and more:

  • PHP – The mainstay of Web 2.0.  PHP allows a website to easily connect with a database to provide user-friendly updates and dynamic content.  Many widespread content management systems like WordPress and Drupal or application frameworks like CodeIgnitor or CakePHP rely heavily upon PHP to provide the services you’ve come to expect.
  • MySQL – A dynamic website is nothing without a database to pull information from.  Correct utilization of a MySQL database can provide near limitless possibilities for collecting and displaying your data.
  • JavaScript – A browser-rendered language, JavaScript allows for the creation of a number of interactive features.
  • jQuery – A JavaScript based language, jQuery is responsible for much of the user interface of some of your favorite websites.
  • HTML – The backbone of any website, HTML provides the structure for your web page or application.
  • CSS – If you’ve ever happened upon a beautiful website, properly written CSS is the culprit. It takes the basics and makes them spectacular.

Whether you are looking for a static-content professional website to direct users to your business or you are working with a custom Content Management System (CMS), we can help. From design to development, we can provide you with a clean, distinct professional website to suit your needs.