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A Photo of Jon Day

Jon Day – Graphics, Web, Illustration

With nearly 10 years of professional experience in graphics & web, Jon has developed a wealth of knowledge and a discerning eye.  This affords him the opportunity to ensure a pleasing end-user experience and recognizable brand images for iDesign clients and projects.   Together with Derek’s incredible skill for logic and coding, a great amount of success is guaranteed with their work.

Providing both design and front-end development solutions makes Jon a valuable asset for any project involving digital media.  However, this experience is not limited to the world wide web, as Jon has a long history in the print industry as well.  With an in-depth understanding of various printing processes as well as dynamic layout & design, you can rest assured that your printed materials will be of the highest quality.

For a full portfolio of Jon’s design work, both personal and professional…please visit:

Picture of Derek Dorr

Derek Dorr – Web Development

Programming websites since pursuing it as an extracurricular activity in 5th grade, continuing through college, and now working professionally,  Derek has over 10 years experience working with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, and CSS.

Derek attended Harvard University in Cambridge, MA where he studied theoretical mathematics before leaving to pursue interests in information technology and programming.   He has experience working with popular open-source content management systems (thinking WordPress and Drupal), and a number of proprietary systems.

Collaborating with both Jon Day’s aesthetic eye and prodigious coding ability of his own, Derek is an invaluable part of any streamlined custom development or online business project.

You can see more on his constantly changing, experimental website:

Picture of Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams – Graphic Design & Illustration
Living and working in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Daniel Williams is a graphic and fine artist working in St. Petersburg, FL. Williams’ introduction to the arts began with a tendency to draw as a child during class, and his resulting detention periods. As a teenager he was introduced to punk rock and concert posters. Soon he created nearly 200 concert posters for Tampa Bay area clubs, as well as dozens of album packaging and band merchandising projects for artists nationally.

In 2005, Williams first exhibited as a fine artist while working in downtown Los Angeles. Living in such an immense, developed environment was a profound experience and is recognized in his work. He returned to Tampa / St. Petersburg and studied life – drawing at local studios.

Williams has helped create meaningful graphics and illustrations for clients across a broad spectrum of industries including finance, law, entertainment, and municipal. He is experienced in both print and web, and with directing photography and video production.

For a full portfolio of Daniel’s graphic design, and fine art…please visit:

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